Mikke is a fashion brand stationed between Belgrade and Toronto. Thanks to its prominent simplified design and high-quality materials and creation, the brand fastly stood out from the local scene and took the spot it deserves. Visual identity was created to reflect the values of the brand: elegant symbol, minimalist layout, carefully selected and combined production materials. That way the idea of aesthetics and quality has been successfully communicated to consumers.

AD&D: Vladimir Vasić
Photography: Central Studio

Art Direction, Visual identity

Mikke Campaign 2020

AD&D: Vladimir Vasić
Photography: Studio Now

Art Direction, Photography

Bach Muehle Fuch consists of three Zurich based independent activists in the field of architecture. Visual identity is made up of illustrations of German words that are actually their last names – Bach (creek), Muhle (mill) and Fuchs (fox).

AD&D: Vladimir Vasić
Photography: Studio Now
Typoraphy: Akzidenz-Grotesk Pro

Art Direction, Visual identity

Fabelgrade is a biennial regional convention dedicated to promotion of digital fabrication and fab lab concept and their application in various fields. Logotype is inspired by digital which shifts to the material or - by the very process of creation. Visual identity is based on the motif of an abstract 3D object whose form suggests limitless production.

AD&D: Vladimir Vasić
Photography: Kamerades
Typography: Blender

Art Direction, Branding, Environmental Design

Dobar dan smarači. Book of poetry by Ivan Andonov.

AD&D: Vladimir Vasić
Illustrations: Miona Stefanović
Typeface: Adamant by Vedran Eraković

Art Direction, Book Design

Studio Now is a Belgrade-based design studio, founded in 2015 by
Vladimir Vasić.
SNOW's client-centric policy consists of an
interdisciplinary approach,
strategic planning
contemporary design
as the basis for the
development process.
Studio Now operating between experimental and commercial fields for
local clients.

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